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Build your Dream Team in as little as Six Months

Join our Dream Team Builders Program and implement a six step plan on how to build a team focused on serving clients and growing profits.
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Build your Dream Team

Growing a small business is exhausting
If you don’t have the right team behind you… 

  • Stuck in a never-ending turnover cycle
  • Wasting your hard earned money on attracting, hiring and training new staff
  • Never being able to build a culture that you’ve envisioned and deserve to have

And that leads to overwhelm, mistrust and an an urge to give up on your mission.
Not on our watch.
Our program is simple, effective, and easy to implement, so that you can spend your time on the things and people you love. 

What do you get in the Six Month Training?

Think of your small business as the most efficient sailboat out there.
You, as the captain, don’t have to do or know everything, but you have to trust that all members collectively do and know everything.
So how do you get to trust that?
The six months are intentionally focused on these steps below:

Defining Clear Vision

Growing with Different Personalities

Mastering Persuasion

Cultivating Connection to the Mission and Each Other

Creating Appropriate Transparency

Growing your Biggest Fans

Start building your Dream Team by evaluating these FIVE areas right now.

How to build your Dream Team


Join the Dream Team Builders Program


Use our simple ready to implement training in real time. 


 Grow your biggest fans from the inside out.

Your Dream Team is Our Mission

Most small businesses struggle with attracting and keeping the right team. The owners often believe that they can’t compete with the big guys, that their employees are just there for a paycheck, and that turnovers are just the cost of doing business. 
We’ve made it our mission to help small business owners, like you, build a Dream Team and debunk all of those stories. 
Our clients don’t compete. They dominate the industry because they attract the right team. 
Our clients hire mission driven, profit oriented team members.
Our clients keep their turnover at a minimum because they create their biggest fans within the company. 

Yes, you too can have a Dream Team.  

“I am very thankful to have Alma in my life.”

“Working with her helped me turn my life around and live it according to my rules. I am fulfilling my dreams and goals from a place of strength instead of fear.” – Andrea M.

“After the interview, I literally cried for 10 minutes of pure joy. This is truly my dreams coming true, and it started with YOU. Working with you is what led me here and I can’t thank you enough. You are making a huge difference.”

Amber S.

“Alma has been a such an amazing inspiration to me. She helped guide me, planted seeds in my soul and gave me the tools I need to move towards my goals. As I continue to strengthen my tools, I know that it’s not only the help from her, but the fire in ME.”

Jennifer W.

“Alma are you an angel?

I seriously feel like you saved my life. I’m so grateful for you, every day 🙏♥️”

Janice L.

“Your ability to be in tune to us in our lives is incredible! You remember so many details [that it] makes you almost as if you live within our lives. Can’t thank you enough for what you do for us.”

Ryan R.

Become the Leader that future generations can depend on.